Helpigo is a young Brussels start-up company, created in October 2015. Dynamic, creative and with roots in various sectors, our aim is to create a real change on the employment market. Although we are ambitious, we are a unifying force with an exciting rallying call that will enable us to succeed in the mission we have set ourselves.

Our offices are located in Uccle, where we will be delighted to welcome you.



The future of HELPIGO takes the form of an international jobs platform aimed at all of the sectors that are exposed to a high level of staffing churn. We spend every day working to become the new benchmark for employment sites.

We want to establish a whole new approach, focused around the skills, expertise and abilities of the jobseeker.

We are defining the recruitment of the future.



HELPIGO’s mission is to offer a range of innovative services for the jobs market.

We focus every day on finding ways of simplifying the recruitment process. We are working to make it faster, more precise, more efficient and more affordable in terms of cost.

Our mission includes enhancing “local” employment by highlighting each jobseeker’s skills and the right that everybody has to find a job that suits their experience, dynamic approach and capabilities.

Once our position as the benchmark site has been achieved, we will develop a range of additional services aimed at helping our users (both employers and workers).



Helpigo carries the values of sport and service in its DNA.

In everything we do, we make sure that we highlight and promote the simplicity of our approach, mutual self-help towards our clients and workers seeking employment. We showcase the individual efforts that contribute towards the success of a team as a whole, a particular shift or a specific crew.