1.1 Registering with Helpigo

Registering with Helpigo is free of charge and gives you access to the basic functionalities of our platform.

For you as a jobseeker, Helpigo will enable you to post and display your professional qualities, as well as your past experience. This free access will give you the opportunity to showcase your profile with the employers in your area.

For you employers, our Demo Version will enable you to view the profiles of jobseekers so that you can gain an idea of their professional skills and aptitudes before hiring them.

To use our services, all you have to do is sign up to one of our subscription packages. Please fill in the subscription form, giving us your full, up-to-date details. Your VAT number may be required in order to validate your membership of our business network.

By subscribing to Helpigo, you accept the terms of use, which we invite you to read through carefully.

1.2 You want to modify your profile and details

It couldn’t be simpler: connect to our website and change your details or settings as often as you like. Make sure you pay particular attention to your working times. These are essential for the way our platform works and are also designed to respond to emergencies.

1.3 Am I obliged to complete my working times or availability?

No, you are not obliged to do so. However, if these are missing, you will not receive any job offers. If they are out of date, you will keep being contacted, either by e-mail, text or directly by business-owners directly.

You can avoid this tiresome additional work by updating your details regularly.

1.4 Am I obliged to fill in all my details and give my telephone number?

Yes, the quality of our site requires your details to be updated systematically. In fact, your job-seeking credibility also involves you being contactable at all times. That’s what looking for a job is all about.

1.5 Will my personal details be disclosed to employers?

Yes. By registering with our website, which is a contact site, your details are disclosed to potential employers and only potential employers. Your telephone number is compulsory because it enables us to contact you directly by sending you a text message.

1.6 Can my personal details be accessed by other jobseekers?

No. They can view your profile, but cannot access sensitive data about you. You can also decide to stop being visible to other jobseekers.

1.7 As a jobseeker, what useful information can I access?

You can encourage other jobseekers whose profile or experience you appreciate.

You can also conduct searches into businesses near you. Finally, you can view who looks at your profile. This is a very handy feature for getting yourself noticed by an employer in your area.

1.8 Confirmation code?

I have not received a confirmation code by text to validate my profile. Be patient, as this can take up to 3 minutes. Still nothing? Have you checked the format and number you gave us? If necessary, start the registration process again.

1.9 Who can register with Helpigo?

Helpigo is a platform aimed at employers and jobseekers who want to work together.

Anyone who can make a positive contribution to the network is welcome.

All participants undertake to provide accurate information that makes it possible to establish good-quality contractual relations. To this end, Helpigo reserves the right to reject, temporarily or permanently, any person whose conduct is detrimental to the life of the network as such.

Finally, we work with schools, training organisations, federations and trademarks in order to protect the quality of our services. So please make sure you are accurate and precise in putting your profile together.

2.1 I’m a jobseeker, what is my status?

Helpigo is a network designed to put people in contact with each other. Nothing else. Registering with Helpigo will not give you any social coverage or contract. Our platform is designed to act as a jobs facilitator. We bring together people who are likely to establish a working relationship in which they alone are responsible for how that relationship works. As a result, it is up to each side to clarify the status of the contractual relationship before any hiring or work is carried out.

Are you self-employed? Submit a cost estimate by e-mail. Want to work as a temp? Go and see your preferred local temping agency.

Are you hiring? If so, have the jobseeker sign a temporary employment contract and then contact your social secretariat so that you comply with social security (Dimona). This is another service that we offer... There are all sorts of permutations possible and you need to clarify matters between both parties before any hiring or work can be done.

For more information, we invite you to examine the legislation that applies in your area or country.

For jobseekers, we would remind you that:

If you are a salaried worker, you are required to register as a self-employed worker with a secondary occupation, as well as to pay the social charges calculated on your annual income as a self-employed worker.

If you are a student, there is a maximum number of working hours (475) each year that you cannot exceed if you wish to retain this advantageous status. There is also a limit that you need to abide by to retain your family allowance. You will find all of this information at the Ministry for the Economy and Employment website. We suggest that you visit it and read the information there carefully.

If you are a jobseeker, you must talk to your unemployment office about it (this is mandatory). Some activities are permitted, but they are limited in number. Make sure that you stay within the right limits so that you don’t lose your benefits.

2.2 How does it work?

Helpigo is a dynamic website that promotes instant contact between people offering work and people looking for work.

At Helpigo, as soon as employers are connected, they receive the details of jobseekers that have been added recently in their area. They can then filter those profiles and adjust their search according to the many parameters available so that they find THE ideal candidate for the job. We provide all of the details of jobseekers to employers who are interested. We take no commission whatsoever on any of the new employment relationships created in this way.

The site itself is made up of two separate sections. If you are a business and you are looking for qualified, occasional or more long-term staff, click here.

If you are a jobseeker and would like to put forward your skills, click here.

2.3 Request a service – contact a jobseeker

Easy to use and fast, the interface presents partner businesses with an immediate ‘panel’ of good-quality jobseekers who might be able to quickly replace an employee who leaves suddenly, is absent or ill. The jobseeker’s details are just one click away for employers in need.

By becoming a partner business, you have access to a database of skilled profiles evaluated by your peers. You can then contact them directly by e-mail or text message. You have an immediate overview of available jobseekers, based on their location and the hours that they can work.

Helpigo launches you immediately into the selection process without you having to post an ad online.

And with Helpigo, you have unlimited access to these services throughout the period of your subscription. Go on – use us!

2.4 Offer your services – get yourself noticed!

It’s free! By registering, you are likely to be contacted in real-time by employers in your area. You get yourself noticed by managers for short-term replacements or for long-term employment opportunities.

Remember to state your availability, how you will travel to work and your experience. That way you will be sure to be contacted about jobs. Be accurate and precise!

2.5 Ranking of jobseekers

When you connect as an employer, you automatically view a ‘panel’ of jobseekers available close to you (within a radius of 15 km). Those candidates whose profiles are the strongest are ranked at the top of the list and our system memorises your previous searches to automatically refine who we put forward.

2.6 What is ‘profile strength’?

Each jobseeker can view his or her profile strength. This strength is made up of various elements that provide details of the quality of the information provided. We pay particular attention to the accuracy of the information we receive. We give preference to profiles that are complete or to jobseekers who are dynamic, responsive and attractive for employers.

Become a real added value for our community and adjust your profile as soon as it becomes necessary.

2.7 Employers: Some functions are not accessible.

Yes, that’s right. The site does have a Demo version, but some functions are only available with a subscription.

For Employers, we offer 4 paying packages. The Start-Pro-Expert packages only differ in terms of the length of your subscription. They enable you to: view the details of jobseekers, find out about the users viewing your information, conduct specific searches based on criteria that are extremely appropriate for your sector. You can increase the search radius around your business location, select the appropriate status, set specific skills, as well as view a jobseeker’s immediate availability.

You then make a selection from the candidates who are best suited and, in a single click, they are all notified of your interest by e-mail or by a text message to their smartphone. This function is particularly useful for communicating urgently with employees in your area who may have been unknown to your network previously.

The Premium package enables you to go beyond your local area across the whole country and to use the search filter by keyword (March 2017)

This package is particularly valuable for business users who want fast access to jobseekers with specific profiles or who have worked in specific locations.

2.8 I’ve taken the job, but now am unable to meet my commitment. What do I do?

Of course, this is most detrimental for the employer who contacted you – all the more so if he job was urgent or an emergency. We can only encourage you to notify the employer directly and, if possible, provide help in the new search. However, we would point out that pulling out of a job you have accepted may result in a negative assessment about you. For this reason, we urge you to keep your diary and availability as accurate as possible.

2.9 I contacted a candidate for a job and now I want to cancel it. What can I do?

Our network operates based on both sides of the equation respecting the other’s expectations. Notify the person as quickly as possible and, if necessary, offer compensation if you cancel at short notice.

3.1 Disputes

I have a problem in my contractual relationship. How should I go about resolving it?

We make every attempt to ensure smooth sailing in all contractual relationships through the structure of the network itself, which is “built by professionals for professionals”. However, if a serious problem should arise, we would want to take action to preserve the quality of the tool we offer, specifically by suspending the profile of a member. If you suffer ongoing damage or are of the opinion that a person has failed in his or her undertakings – or even that he or she is jeopardising the viability of the network itself – please contact us at the following address: info@helpigo.com

3.2 Payment module

We operate solely with familiar and secure modules. We do not save any of your details on our servers. You can subscribe using your credit card. With the exception of the START package, our subscriptions are always renewed on the anniversary date of the contract. If you wish to suspend your renewal, you are invited to modify these settings in the “account” section that is accessed via the burger button. In doing so, you would no longer to able to use functionalities that might be of use to you in the future.

3.3 I have not used my functionalities this year. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Some members use our services occasionally or in part. We do not provide pay-as-you-use services. However, we can assure you that you have made the right choice by joining this network of dynamic professionals.

3.4 I am receiving text notifications. Do I pay for them? Should I be worried?

No, the technology that we use is without charge for the user.